The National Weather Service is predicting a chance of snow starting as early as Tuesday Night.

A 20% chance of snow for Tuesday night with lows around 22 degrees. The chance of snow increases to 80% on Wednesday with the temperature reaching 26 degrees by 8am but then falling to around 20 degrees for the remainder of the day. Accumulation is expected to be 1 to 3 inches throughout the day. Then Wednesday night a 50% chance of snow remains with lows around 13 and another inch of accumulation is possible.

Our roads in the area could become covered quickly due to the cold temperatures.

Road conditions in our area can be tricky due to shade covered spots. Hwy 63 north of Imboden is one spot to watch for. The curve just north of Cedar Glades Baptist Camp is known to be slick even when the rest of 63 is clear. County roads and less traveled side streets are also an area to be concerned with. Always use caution when traveling in snow and ice. The best rule is, if you don’t have to travel then stay off snow covered roads.