Students in Mrs. Adams Kindergarten class were paid a visit by Deputy Dustin Walker of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Walker’s daughter Gillian was chosen as “Student of the Week”, prompting a visit by the Deputy to her class.

Students were informed on the dangers of drugs by the Deputy as well as gun safety in the home. Deputy Walker expressed the importance of reporting to adults if a child finds a weapon. The students had lots of questions for Deputy Walker as well as many interesting stories.

Students asked Deputy Walker how he became a Lawrence County Deputy, Walker explained how he was first hired as a police officer in Egypt Arkansas before moving to the Walnut Ridge Police Department and on to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

The visit concluded with the students being able to explore his patrol car. Each was given the chance to turn on the siren and lights. You could tell be the screams when the siren was on, the students really enjoyed the visit!

Before leaving Deputy Walker gave the students coloring books supplied by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.