Lawrence County Deputies arrested Mark Mittag of Lakeland TN, for theft of property, possession of a controlled substance (Meth), furnishing prohibited articles into a correctional facility and aggravated assault on a correction officer.

The arrest came after the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a theft outside Walnut Ridge of some money. The resident reported that a man who was selling meat door-to-door had stolen $118.00 from his residence. Deputies responded and were able to locate the suspect vehicle. Deputies stopped the vehicle and Mittag was questioned about the theft. Deputies recovered the money and placed the man under arrest.

Deputies asked Mittag if he had any illegal substances on him and that if he brought illegal items into the jail he would be charged for it. Mittag told deputies that he did not have any illegal substances on him.

Mittag was being processed into the Jail when a Lawrence County Jailer caught Mittag trying to put a baggie of Meth in his mouth. The jailer tried to stop Mittag and Mittag bit the jailer and tried to fight the jailer. The jailer was able to gain control and recover the baggie of Meth.

Mittag was finished being booked into the jail and the jailer was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital Emergency Room to have the bite cleaned. A bond hearing is expected on Tuesday.