Midnight Friday night Captain Jody Dotson of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office will become Sheriff Jody Dotson.

Dotson, a 10 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office began his official campaign in February of 2010. Captain Dotson graduated his basic police training in 2002 from Black River Technical College and has also earned his degree in Criminal Justice from Black River with Honors in 2004. Dotson has trained with the FBI, DEA, Criminal Justice Institute, Arkansas State Police, FEMA and others.

Dotson is married to Karla Dotson and has two children, Logan and Lauren. Jody has also lived in Lawrence County for most of his life and attended school at Lynn.

Retiring Lawrence County Sheriff Dan Ellison praises Dotson for his work, stating that Jody has worked in every part of the department, from Jailer to Captain. He has also stated that Jody Dotson has and will continue to improve the department.

Good Luck Jody, and Congratulations on your new position with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.