Imboden Live heard many reports from local shoppers who braved the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” crowds to get that much sought after deal(s). And there were some great deals out there if you could survive on little sleep and long lines to the check out counter.
The Imboden Live staff was standing front and center at the Pocahontas Sears store at 3:00 am Friday morning. Why you might ask? A front load washer and dryer set for $599. We thought it was well worth getting up in the middle of the night! We saw some Imboden locals standing in line with us for a $99 dishwasher. Another great deal! We heard reports of Walnut Ridge Wal-mart looked almost empty after the crowds went through and even some reports of fights breaking out at the Pocahontas Wal-mart.
Long lines seemed to be the main complaint for those who traveled to Jonesboro to do their shopping. But again there were some really good deals out there, like the $3.99 appliances at Target and Old Navy $5.00 shirts.
It seems like people either love Black Friday or think those that go out to shop till they drop are a little touched in the head but whatever you choose to do we hope you had fun doing it.
All in all I prefer to do the majority of my Christmas shopping online and found some equally great bargains at all of my favorite online stores though it does look like some of those much sought after gifts may be sold out rather quickly this year. Wal-mart online and Amazon offer all or alot of items with free shipping.
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