Captain Jody Dotson of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department reports the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department with assistance from the Walnut Ridge Police Department arrested Andrew Ring of Pocahontas for Residential Burglary, Theft of Property, Fleeing and Criminal Trespass.

The LCSO stated the arrest came after residences in Black Rock and Portia reported break ins and missing property. Information gathered led to Ring being a person of interest. Deputies started looking for Ring to question him about the burglaries and thefts. Deputies spotted Ring in Portia later the same day, Ring fled when Deputies attempted to pull him over, driving through fields to avoid capture. Deputies later received a tip about Rings whereabouts. Lawrence County Deputies and Walnut Ridge Police went to the location of Ring. Once again Ring attempted to flee the scene striking a Walnut Ridge police vehicle before being arrested and transported to the Lawrence County Jail.

Ring was Mirandized and questioned about the burglaries and thefts. Ring told investigators that he was “strung out on pills” and that he had broken into the residences. Deputies were able to recover some of the items from Ring. Ring also admitted fleeing from the deputies days before.