Last week was Sloan-Hendrix annual Homecoming week. The Sloan-Hendrix High School Student Council planned the activites and event. The SHHS Student Council kicked off the week with dress up days, something different for everyday of the week. They sold long sleeve tees to earn some extra money for the props they would need homecoming night to decorate the Bill Mcurley Gymnasium with. Another idea they came up for making money was to sell candy greyhound grams to the kids at Sloan-Hendrix. All of this and the dues that had to be paid to get into student council paid for the beautiful decorations for Homecoming.
Also happening that week was the SHHS FBLA canned food drive, which the Senior class won donating a whopping 330 cans! On Friday the 12th all the homecoming maids got on the float they built and began a parade around the campus that started off the pep-rally. After the parade all the Sloan-Hendrix students gathered into the old gymnasium and started up the games, grades 7th through 12th in hopes of winning the homecoming spirit stick. Games involved were blindfolded makeovers, rolling oranges with your nose, a male beauty pageant, granny panty spin and sit, a circle sit, and maids sticking their faces in pies to find candies. In the end the Senior class won the spirit stick.
At 5:30 that night the junior boys and girls, and senior boys and girls basketball teams played against the Mammoth Springs Bears. During halftime the homecoming ceremony was held to announce who would be declared queens of the homecoming junior and senior maids. Winners were Bailey Bradley for junior maid, and Mary Bushong for senior maid. After Basketball games were over a homecoming dance was held in the Sloan-Hendrix cafeteria for grades 7-12 were a DJ and lights were set up. The Sloan-Hendrix Student Council and Mrs. Leah Morgan did a fantastic job!
Photo’s and Article Submitted by Savanah Williams