Captian Jody Dotson of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office announced that on October 26th the LCSO and Arkansas State Police arrested Willis Cain of Hoxie for burglary and theft of property.

The arrest came after a hunting cabin located on County Road 318 was reported to have been broken into. Items reported to be taken included a hunting bow, deer mount and other hunting items. LCSO deputies took a report and started an investigation. The hunting bow and deer mount were discovered at a local hunting store whose records showed that Cain had sold the items.

Cain was contacted and asked to come in for questioning. Cain was mirandized and told officers that he had broken into the cabin, stolen the items and admitted to selling them. Cain then allowed officers to search his residence and several other items were recovered from the cabin along with items reported stolen from Randolph County.

Information gathered was used to obtain an arrest warrant for Cain, who was arrested at his residence without incident and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing.