If you asked him if he was a hero, he most likely say “no”. But when you hear his story we think you’ll call him a hero at the least.

Lance Corporal Branigan Stacy announced in a letter to his family that he’d been injured in a battle in Afganistan. The letter he wrote was dated July 26th, his Grandmother Linda Stacy explained to us that it takes about a month to receive mail from Afganistan, so you can understand why they are just finding out about this.

One thing that Branigan did was instead of being returned to the states to recover, he requested to stay with his Marine unit in Afganistan. If that’s not courage and commitment to his country then we don’t know what you could call it.

Branigan suffered two broken ribs, a broken wrist and had an ear drum burst in his left ear. He told family that his deafness would probably be permanent.

Mrs. Stacy told us that Branigan’s Marine unit is scheduled to return from Afganistan on November 12th. The unit was deployed to Afganistan on April 27th. Mrs. Stacy also shared some photos of Branigan and his unit, we so appreciate it. Branigan is the son of Brian Stacy of Imboden and Grandson of Bill and Linda Stacy of Imboden.

Brother Bob McMillon of the Imboden United Methodist Chuch said it best in an e-mail, “Father, we pray for peace.”

We at ImbodenLive.com want to thank our soldiers who risk their lives everyday so that we can sleep in peace and raise our children in a free country. Thank You Branigan, you are in our prayers and we look foward to you recovering and coming home soon!

If you would like to write to Branigan to wish him well.
Lcpl Stacy, Branigan
3rd BN 1st mar k co
Unit 40230
Fpo apo 96427-0230