Pig-N-Out BBQ isn’t only a great place to get one some of the best BBQ in Arkansas but it’s also providing great entertainment for local residents who await the next person who will tackle the Boss Hog Challenge.
Luke Fisher of Ravenden took the Pig-N-Out BBQ Boss Hog Challenge at 2:00 pm today his companions for the event were his wife Amber, and friends Calvin and Donna Bartlett. Several people stopped in to check on his progress and wish him well. 3 pound 6 ounces of the extra large meal were left when the buzzer went off after 45 minutes of chowing down. His advice to any future challengers ” Practice eating lots of bread”.

Do you feel like Pig-N-Out? Try the Boss Hog Challenge!
If you want to try the Boss Hog Challenge just call Pig-N-Out four hours ahead to give them time to make this huge meal. The rules are as follows for the Boss Hog Challenge…
4 1/2 pound BBQ sandwich served with pound of curly fries and a pint of baked bean.
You must finish the entire dinner in 45 minutes
No bathroom breaks
You win it’s FREE!
You lose it’s $25.00

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