September 14th, City of Imboden employee Bill Oldham found damage at the Imboden City Park.

Imboden Fire Chief and city employee was on hand to inspect the damage to the park. Vandals stole a bbq grill, ripping it from the ground and destroyed a picnic table.

Fire Chief Chris Jones notified the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department of the damage. Chief Jones also stated he was disappointed that this was happening again. The city placed a curfew on the park and Deputies, Arkansas State Police and Firemen from Imboden put forth an effort to patrol the area. For months now the city has had no problems at the park until now.

If you have any information please contact Arkansas State police Trooper Creston Hutton, Deputy Rocky Chappell, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at 886-2525 or you can e-mail ImbodenLive at Admin@ImbodenLive.Com and we’ll pass it along.