At 12:21pm the Lawrence County Dispatch Center received a 911 call from the South Point Exxon located on Hwy63. The caller informed the dispatchers of a semi truck that had parked in their lot leaking an unknown material from it’s trailer.

Lawrence County Dispatch notified the Walnut Ridge Fire Department and both AET Ambulance and Medic One Ambulance of the situation, the WRFD’s Hazmat team was sent to the scene. Walnut Ridge Hazmat requested the assistance of the Pocahontas Fire Department’s Hazmat Team as well as the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department’s Mobile Air Support Trailer. Imboden was enroute at 12:30pm to the scene. Also on scene was the Office of Emergency Services representives.

Once the Hazmat Teams and Support Units were on scene and set up, the Hazmat Tech’s approached the trailer, unlocked and opened the doors. As soon as the doors were opened a strong chemical odor could be smelled as far as 150 feet from the trailer. The trailer which was hauling drums of corrosive and flammable material was owned and operated by the Hirschbach Trucking Company located in So Sioux City, Nebraska. Once the hazmat team identified that the drums were still upright the Walnut Ridge Hazmat Team called in a hazardous material unit from Memphis to remove the barrell’s from the truck. Once on scene the United States Enviromental Services Co. inspected the interior of the semi trailer finding no leaks on the first inspection, but upon the second inspection a leaking drum was found on the trailer. The leaking material was transfered and disposed of.

The WRFD Hazmat Team, Pocahontas FD Hazmat Team and Imboden Volunteer Fire Department Mobile Air Support were all clear of the scene and back in service shortly before 5pm. There were no injuries reported.

The WRFD was also assisted with traffic control by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, Arkansas State Police, Walnut Ridge Police Department and Arkansas Highway Police.