With the kids back in school, fall on the way and Labor Day weekend here, we would like to pause and say thank you to all of our readers, sponsors and supporters. You have made ImbodenLive a joy for us and we hope for you too.

We need to thank you, the readers, for another record month for our site. In August we had the pleasure of having well over 19,000 readers from all over the area as well as thousands of comments on articles.

We so appreciate our sponsors who make this possible and the great fire departments we work with, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, Ravenden Police Department, Lawrence County Dispatch, our two wonderful schools here in Imboden and so many others who help to make this possible.

There are so many that we’d like to thank, here are just a few:

Thanks to the following for their support….

Mayor Gene Dearen and the entire City Council

Imboden Fire Chief Chris Jones

The entire Imboden Fire Department

Jim and Patsy Jones

The entire Joe Chappell Family

James and Georgia Ratliff

State Trooper Creston Hutton

Captain Jody Dotson and the entire Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department

Denny and Kelly Durham

Gene Ponder and family

Mr. Mitch Walton and the entire Sloan Hendrix Staff

Mrs. Judy Warren and the entire Imboden Area Charter School Staff

Ravenden Fire Department

Black Rock Fire Department

Sandee’s Salon/ Special Touch Florist, Jerry & Susie Wells, Judy Henderson, Murphy Dental, the Walnut Ridge Fire Department, the City of Walnut Ridge, Imboden Medical Pharmacy, the Imboden Methodist Church, Dan Matthews, Keith and Carrie Wilson , Misty from Zumba, Barry’s Repair Works, Joey and Becky Goodsell, the guys from Hi-Spec Tooling and the list goes on and on.

What began as a little website about our home town has had 80,000 readers this year and it’s just September.

Thank you all so much!! We know we have forgotten someone in this article, but we have not forgotten that with out you this would not have been possible.

Please visit the business directory and view all the sponsors who make this little site possible, and thank you again, we can’t say that enough!