Wednesday at 2:00 pm Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Kirksey attempted something that he had never tried in his 12 years with the LCSO. Officer Kirksey met face to face with the “Boss Hog” sandwich.

Deputy Kirksey’s strategy was simple “meat first, bun last”. His drink of choice was water with no ice.

Shortly after 2 pm Officer Kirksey was introduced to his opponent and his quote was “pictures don’t do this justice”.

Lawrence County Deputies backed up Officer Kirksey. In attendance were deputies Virgil Lynch, Andrew Turner, Stan Findley and Arkansas State Trooper Creston Hutton. Also Officer Kirksey received phone support from Chief Deputy Ted Horton and Deputy Rocky Chappell.

With 20 minutes remaining Officer Kirksey “threw in the towel” and called off the battle. The offical weight that Officer Chris Kirksey ate was 4 pounds 7 ounces of the 6 1/2 pound meal.

We are pleased to report that their were no injuries, but we can’t say the same for Deputy Turners patrol car!

Officer Kirksey is leaving the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department after 12 years. His service to Lawrence County will be missed. Officer Kirksey is joining the Arkansas State University Police Department in Jonesboro.

In a statement by Deputy Andrew Turner of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, Turner says that he will attempt the challenge later this month!

Officer Chis Kirksey’s last quote of the event was “This is humanly impossible”.

Thanks to all who attended, it was a great time for all.