With the Summer break over for Imboden and surrounding area students, drivers need to be aware of children crossing streets, student drivers and school buses.

Several new school crossing signs have been put up around the city in an effort to make drivers aware of cross walks. The new signs have more of a lime green tint to them instead of the old yellow color making them very visible.

Young drivers will be in and around the area before and after school hours and we expect an increase in traffic in the area with student drivers and drop-off parents traveling the highways and streets.

As always we need to be very careful around the school buses. School buses in our area travel hundreds of miles a day and make frequent stops along their routes. Please follow local and state laws when approaching or following school buses and pay close attention to children entering or exiting school buses.

With our trained bus drivers, informed drivers and the help of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and Arkansas State Police patroling the highways we hope to have a safe school year.