Saturday night began another round of poor reception in and around the Imboden area. Some areas have poor reception while others have no service at all.

ImbodenLive was contacted by readers in an effort to bring this problem to the providers attention. On Sunday we contacted AT&T and were told that the problem would be resolved by Wednesday. Others in the area called and were told that AT&T had no records of problems in our area. One other source told ImbodenLive that when he contacted AT&T and was told that the damgaged cell tower in question was not going to be rebuilt because it was scheduled to be replaced with a new 3G tower in a couple of years.

Phone service in our area was restored today around noon. Several ImbodenLive readers ask that we pass along the AT&T customer service number along and ask that if you are having trouble to please call, maybe if enough complaints are received somthing will be done.

AT&T customers can call *611 but if you have no service you can reach them by land line at 1-800-331-0500.

Also another tip, if you were out of service you can have your bill pro-rated to deduct the time that you were without service.