Sunday August 8th the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by Baxter County Air One, a search and rescue helicopter operated by the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office.

Baxter County was contacted by Sharp County for assistance in a search for a woman from Sharp County who was missing. Sharp County received information that the woman was possibly in the Imboden area.

The Lawrence County Dispatch Center sent deputies to the Imboden area to assist in the search. The woman, who was described as in in her mid 50’s, wearing a dark shirt and grey shorts was spotted earlier by two members of the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department sitting on a bench at S&H Quick Shop in Imboden. At the time she was seen there was no report of this woman being a missing person.

Deputy Rocky Chappell was contacted by the IVFD members, telling him that the woman was seen at 3:10pm at S&H. Sharp County Deputies notified Lawrence County Deputies stating that the woman may be on her way to Black Rock, the deputies searched Hwy 63 and the Rest Area north of Black Rock.

Baxter County Air One flew over the Imboden area for around 45 minutes searching the area by air while Lawrence County Deputies searched the ground with patrol vehicles.

Around 5:30pm the Lawrence County Dispatch Center was notified that the woman was with family in Imboden and in good condition.

Baxter County Air One and the Sharp County Sheriff’s Department thanked the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies for their assistance in the search.