At 3pm Tuesday during the peak tempatures of this blistering heat wave, residents of Imboden, Ravenden and Black Rock experienced power outages. The customers of Entergy were those effected in the outage.

Around Imboden businesses began to close due to the high tempatures and lack of power. Shortly after 5pm the town was empty with most business closed. The exception was the north end of town where power is provided by Craighead Electric.

Dollar General and Subway were both busy at 5 o’clock, basically being the only open businesses. S&H Quick Shop was open but had signs posted on the fuel pumps. The Imboden Medical Pharmacy, Bobbie Jean Memorial Library, M&M Sales, Cameron Car Wash, Pig-N-Out BBQ and others were forced to close early due to the outage.

A spokesperson for Entergy stated that there was a problem with the sub-station and estimated the power to be out for 2 to 3 hours.

The Lawrence County Dispatch Center kept fire departments in the area updated with information as it was made available.

Around 6:30pm power was restored to the area to the delight of residents and businesses.