Sandee’s Salon on North Main Street in Imboden was both vandalized and the victim of a break-in sometime Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Sandee London, Owner of Sandee’s Salon reported that several things on her property were vandalized including the cross-ties in her parking lot were moved, a waterhose was cut and a large planter filled with flowers was dumped over in front of the business.

Later Mrs. London notice a screen removed and damaged in the rear of the building. Upon further investigation she discovered that change was stolen from the cash drawer and from a refrigerator. Mrs. London estimated that could have been as much as $100.00 in change taken.

Mrs. London then called the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the crimes.

If you have any information concerning this crime we ask that you contact the Lawrence County Sherrif’s Office at 870-886-2525.