The Chief of the Walnut Ridge Fire Department, Alan Haskins has announced the he will resign his post effective August 13th.

In a statement to ImbodenLive Chief Haskins announced he has accepted the position of Instructor/Coordinator for the Black River Technical Fire Science Program. Haskins, a 2nd generation firefighter is a graduate of the Fire Science Program where he graduated on the Dean’s List with an Associates Degree and is also on the Advisory Board for Black Rivers Fire Science Program.

Chief Haskins worked his way up the ranks in firefighting by starting as a volunteer with the Ashflat Volunteer Fire Department before becoming a firefighter for the Walnut Ridge Fire Department in 1993 rising to the rank of Captain before being promoted to the Chief.

Chief Haskins stated “I am very proud of the work the fire department has done over the last 3 years and could not be any prouder of the firefighters here.”
He went to say that he believes Walnut Ridge is one of the best if not the best departments in the state.

Ask what the future holds for him with the Walnut Ridge Department Haskins said “I am staying on the department as a volunteer, in what ever capacity they want me as.”

ImbodenLive would like to wish Chief Haskins all the luck in the world, it’s been a pleasure working with you over the last year. You will be missed and we look foward to working with the next Chief of the Walnut Ridge Fire Department.

If you’d like to visit the Walnut Ridge Fire Departments Website the address is