Fall of 2009 we created ImbodenLive after watching what was happening on the forums of Topix . We noticed that when we “googled” Imboden that was the first thing that appeared. What a disgrace to our town!
We decided then and there that we did not want our town portrayed by what was posted within that website.
So we started our own website to show the positive side of small town living.

We enjoy reading small bits of news just as much as everyone else but not the malicious gossip we saw posted on topix. Many residents and locals began to use the topix site as a weapon. Post were being made about people that were not only false but hurtful.

Topix which is based out of Palo Alto California is simply a nameless faceless advertising machine. It has NOTHING to do with our town.

Anytime we introduce ourselves to customers the first question asked is “You are with that Topix site? ” The answer to that is NO.
Imboden Live has nothing to do with topix. We created Imboden Live as a way for accurate news to be delivered to local residents. We pay for the expenses with running Imboden Live out of our own pockets and through local sponsors. We are hometown based and family owned.

ImbodenLive has tried and will continue to strive to bring News and Views to Imboden and the surrounding areas. We pledge not to display harmful material about anyone or any place of business.

We work very close with the City of Imboden, local Fire Departments, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies to report the news as best we can.

With over 10,000 plus visitors a month ImbodenLive is the leader in local news and events for our area.

We appreciate your support and will continue to serve you…..