A 13 year old Smithville boy confessed to murder according to Sheriff Dan Ellison of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department. The July 2009 shooting of the suspects younger brother, Jace Freeman age 11 took place near the boys Great-Grandmother’s home in Smithville, Arkansas.

In what was thought to first be a case of a stray bullet and then an accidental shooting in a game of cops and robbers has now took a change for the worse, murder.

Although a motive is not known, Officers brought the youth in for questioning Tuesday and then took him into custody.

Captain Jody Dotson with the LCSD stated that he doesn’t think the youth can be charged as an adult because the boy was under the age of 14 when the shooting occured.

Although the story from the youth has changed several times over the last year, Dotson stated that a relative notified authorities that the youth admitted that he knowingly shot his brother, at that time an investigation was started.