As Many As 18 Dead and Dozens Missing From a Flash Flood in Arkansas.
Sources have reported the deaths from a flash flood at the Albert Pike Recreation Area as high as 18 dead and as many as 24 still missing.

The Albert Pike Recreation Area is a 54-Unit site located near the Caddo and Little Misouri Rivers. Waters rose as fast as 8 feet per hour causing flash flood in the remote camping area of the Ouachita National Forest.

In a statement to CNN Senator Blanche Lincoln stated as many as 300 people were in the area at the time of the flash flood which she stated happened around 2AM Friday. Lincoln stated the Red Cross, Office Of Emergency Services, FEMA and the National Guard were all on the scene conducting searches and assisting victims. The Gym at nearby Kirby School was housing survivors late friday. Mrs. Lincoln is scheduled to tour the area on Saturday.

Helicopters from National Guard Units in both Arkansas and Oklahoma were being used today to search for survivors and victims.

First Responders from local fire departments were the first to arrive on the scene in what is described as rough terrain where cell phone service is spotty at best and the area had no warning system because of it’s remote location.