AT&T cell service in and around the Imboden area has all but come to a halt. Wednesday’s storms that came through the Imboden area further damaged service from AT&T that was dropping calls the week before.

AT&T’s website offered little help early in the week. Service is available in some parts of town but for the most part is out of service just out of town.

We contacted AT&T today and to our surprise an agent reported they had no idea of the outage, although we find that hard to believe.

We will pass along that AT&T is willing to prorate your bill for lost service and we suggest that you take advantage of this.

If you are out of service you are urged to contact AT&T when you are in an area of service and report the outage area. The number is *611 for AT&T customers.

The representative for AT&T could not give any estimate for fixing the problem.