The Bobbie Jean Memorial Library was the location of the book signing of the “Clear Springs: The History of the Clear Springs Community in Lawrence County, Arkansas” written by Anna Lue Cook held on Monday of this week. It was a great success with many people dropping in to purchase a book,visit, and discuss with Mrs. Anna Lue Cook the history of Clear Springs. The book includes information about the school that was built in 1865 in Clear Springs, the church in 1885, cemeteries, and the 80 families that resided in Clear Springs during that time period. Filled with many old photographs and photo’s of landmarks that still stand like the “pulpit rock” and “smelting rock”. Mrs. Cook also displayed the Clear Springs quilt made up of photo’s and history at the library. Anyone interested in ordering a book can do so by contacting Mrs. Cook at 870-869-3334. They are $20.00 each + $5.00 shipping charge.