We Want Your Guess !!  What is this hanging up at Pig-N-Out BBQ, We call it “The Thing”……

  Recently while visiting with Keith Wilson I looked on the wall and there was this “Thing” hanging there. I looked it over and all I could tell you is it’s old. So I asked Keith “what is that?” and he replied “I have no idea. It was given to me and I couldn’t tell you what it is”.
Well, that peaked my interest. So I looked around and there was Davis Matthews of the Arkansas Forestry having lunch. Well we all know Davis has been around a day or two and knows a thing or two, so I asked him what it was, I got the same reply. Davis said “I’ve looked it over and I don’t know what it is either”. So Keith and I decided it would be interesting to put up a picture of “The Thing” and ask you to take a guess. The only thing is, how do we know if your guess is right if we don’t really know what it is? Well, please have some fun and send us your best guess.


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