Thursday evening candidates from State Representative, County Judge and Sheriff met with Fire Departments from Lawrence County. Letters were sent to gather questions from the departments to ask the candidates, each candidate was asked 6 questions and no questions were taken from the audience. Imboden Fire Chief Chris Jones explained to the candidates the rules of the event and the moderator was Jim Tolewinski. Mr Tolewinski is a Brookland Firefighter, The Vice President of the Arkansas State Firefighters Association and Chairman of the Arkansas Fire Protection Services Board.

One note to add, Mr. Lewis Slaughter was not present due to an illness in his family.

Candidates for State Representative for District 73 on hand were Mr. James Ratliff, Mr. Blaine Davis and Mr. Ronald Cavanaugh. Candidates for Lawrence County Judge on hand were State Rep. JR Rogers, Mr. Dale Freeman and Mr. Ronnie “Frog” Light. Candidates for Lawrence County Sheriff on hand were Mr. Jody Dotson and Mr. Glenn Smith. Mr. Slaughter was absent.

The questions submitted were concerning Fire/EMS for the county, including questions about the 911 Dispatch Center, relations with FEMA and OES, working with departments on ISO ratings and so forth.

We at ImbodenLive thought the best way for you to form your opinion was not to hear it from us, we want you to hear it from the Candidates themselves so we are hosting the video of the event. We ask that you take the time to watch and listen. Fire Protection Ratings effect your homeowners insurance cost directly, the abilities of our fire departments could be the difference between life and death of your loved ones. One other thing that was discussed by Quorum Court Member Jim Jones, Our Fire Departments have good relations not only with each other but with local government as well. Mr. Jones stated that no matter the outcome of the elections “we must continue this in order to best serve our public”. This was repeated time and time again in seperate conversations, the Fire Departments, Dispatch Center, Local Law Enforcement and County Judge all work together in Lawrence County to get things done. We should be very proud of that.

We appreciate the Candidates and the Lawrence County Firefighters Association for inviting us to attend.

Below view the first four parts to this series. First an introduction from Chris Jones, then the three state representative candidates will speak in turn. More video will be up over the weekend! An Imboden Live Exclusive!!

Candidate Ronald Cavanaugh

Candidate James Ratliff

Candidate Blaine Davis