On Saturday ImbodenLive was invited to a demonstration at the Main Station of the Walnut Ridge Fire Department.

A representative from Amkus Rescue Systems was on hand to demonstrate not only their line of tools but some different techniques in auto extraction.

Imboden Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chris Jones was on hand for the meeting and was involved in the extracation processes on several vehicles. The IVFD uses tools by the Hurst Rescue Tool Company as does the Walnut Ridge Fire Department but both the Walnut Ridge Chief Alan Haskins and Chief Jones of the IVFD had good things to say about the tools.

The exercise was a part of Walnut Ridge’s continous training and was attended by the majority of the department.

We were able to get some good pictures of the tools in use and if you’d like to see more pictures visit www.walnutridgefd.com . Thanks to Chief Jones of the IVFD and Chief Haskins of the WRFD for the invite.