A Social Networking Website is a title used to describe any website that enables users to create public profiles within them and form relationships with other users of the same website who access their profile. Social networking sites can be used to describe community-based sites, online discussions forums, chatrooms and other social spaces online.
Some popular examples of this are Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter.

Social networking has been around for a long time but I feel that it’s made a huge surge in popularity lately in our rural area. More and more of our friends, relatives, and neighbors are using social networking.
People use social networking from everything to keeping in touch with old classmates to building business contacts. They share photo’s, chat, catch up on local gossip, play games and it seems like social networking is large source of entertainment for many.
Which brings me to our poll of the week question. What do you spend the most time doing on the internet? You can find the poll of the week in the sidebar of Imboden Live and we welcome our readers to leave comments concerning this topic. What websites do you use the most? Do you even use social networking sites? How many hours in the day do you spend online? So take the new poll of the week and tell us what your views are on social networking.