City Park being vandalized and the City Of Imboden needs your help !!

One of the wonderful things that our town has to offer is our City Park. Many families and residents of Imboden use this park for exercise, cook outs or just spending a day with the children playing on the playground.

Lately what began as a childish prank has turned into destruction of our lovely park. A few months back someone moved around a few of the park’s tables in what has been described as an immature act. But since this began it has been occuring more often and the offense is out of hand. The latest was last Thursday evening when it was discovered by Imboden Fire Chief Chris Jones that someone had overturned all the tables in the park just after dark. Chief Jones contacted Deputy Rocky Chappell of the LCSO to investigate to damage and help him to upright the tables.

ImbodenLive in conjunction with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Imboden would like your help. If you have any information on the person or persons responsible for these acts please contact Deputy Rocky Chappell with the LCSO, Fire Chief Chris Jones with the IVFD or you can e-mail us at