In the early morning hours of Saturday February 6th vandals drove their pickup trucks off-road and caused damage to several properties in Imboden.

In the area of South Main Street just before Hope Cemetery authorities believe two local trucks drove off road spinning their tires in the mud causing damage to the property.

The Sloan-Hendrix campus was damaged in the same way covering the Sloan-Hendrix sign with mud as well as leaving ruts on several parts of the campus. Also the front of the high school building was over half covered in mud. Supt. Mitch Walton was contacted by the Sheriff’s Department and was enroute at the time of this article.

Dickson Lumber Company also had the same damage to the grounds beside the building.

Deputies are questioning persons at this time, no names have been released. The tracks from the cemetery to the school to the lumber company led directly to a residence in Dickson Subdivision where authorities were questioning the owners of two trucks covered in mud.

Supt. Walton asked Chief Chris Jones if the IVFD could wash the mud off the schools sign and building before it dried, making it harder to remove. Members of the IVFD spent the morning cleaning off the mud using over 1000 gallons of water to get most of the mud off.

The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department ask for any persons that witnessed these events to contact Deputy Rocky Chappell of the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department with any information.