There are many new Christmas sights to be seen in our small town of Imboden, Arkansas this week. You can see the glow of Christmas tree lights through many windows here in town. Holiday decorations and colorful lights adorn many Imboden resident’s homes.
I have added a new footer to where you can view photo’s taken around Imboden of the Christmas lights and sights. I’ll be adding more new photo’s to the footer throughout this month so check back often to view the new updates. Here is a little sample of some of the shots I captured around town.

I am also very excited to write about some of the new additions and our updates that are coming to the website each month.
The comics,video and photo of the week located via the Entertainment section are updated with new material weekly. Visit them to view the new holiday funnies, videos of interest, and photo’s submitted by our readers.
I’ve added an Imboden Christmas page that is displaying holiday greetings brought to you by local residents, you can find the link in the sidebar and if you haven’t placed your order yet visit our Special Holiday Messages article for further information regarding this.
Anyone who has Christmas events going on who would like to be posted into the community calendar let me know and I will get you added up. It’s free to post local community events and we also offer some free classified listings for people who would like to post a Happy Birthday message to someone they know.
Last but not least Imoboden Live is working on adding a Community
Directory for area churches, clubs,and non-profit organizations. This will diplay the organization name,location, contact people, information, etc.. So if you would like to add one of the following please contact me via email with your information so you can be added. This is a free service offered by us that will be sponsored by local businesses who purchase an ad package and also sponsored by us at
If your a local business owner in Imboden, Ravenden, Black Rock,
etc..feel free to check out our business ad information page to contact us about becoming a sponsor.
I am very pleased with the number of people who have expressed an interest in Imboden Live. Our website viewing numbers continue
to grow! I hope you will all stay tuned for our upcoming holiday articles, local events, and more coming soon!

~Imboden Live December Editorial~