The annual Imboden Christmas parade has been cancelled this year due to lack of community participation and interest. The parade has gradually become smaller each year with fewer floats, classic cars, and other entries. The prize money for the parade is collected each year by the Imboden volunteer fire department, who play a large role in the Christmas parade. Local businesses and residents of Imboden donate the prize money for the winners and runner-ups. It’s become increasingly difficult to come up with funds, people are not turning out for the parade as in previous years, and the result being it’s cancellation for Christmas 2009.
While the Christmas parade will certainly be missed by many, there is currently a committee in place headed by Captain Joe Chappell of the Imboden fire department along with various other members of the community to explore the possibility for city of Imboden holiday festivities for Christmas 2010. The committee has plans to look into purchasing a large living tree to be placed in the Imboden city park next year. With the idea that local churches, places of business, and residents could decorate the tree with donated ornaments, sing christmas carols, and gather as a community.